About EnabledOnline


(This was originally published 0n August 2000 – actual contact info on the picture have changed)

EOL Background Info

Based in Columbia, S.C., EnabledOnline.com debuted on Memorial Day 2000 as a truly grassroots effort. Consisting of only four permanent staff members, EnabledOnline.com relies upon an army of volunteer writers who strongly support this Web site’s mission: To create an enabled community online.

The primary goal of EnabledOnline.com is to provide persons with disabilities, their loved ones and caregivers a place to connect. This unique electronic forum was created for people to share their personal stories and opinions, as well as the latest information on disability-related issues, without focusing exclusively on any specific disability or demographic. Also, there’s always room for anyone who wants to voice an original thought.

Some very well-known personalities inside the disability community have weighed in with significant contributions to EnabledOnline.com. Miss America 2000 Heather French wrote a personal perspective for the June edition; disability rights pioneer Justin Dart has reported on several topics, as well as provided his insight to the Editorials section; Janine Bertram Kemp, widow of ADA author Evan Kemp, has also authored a column.

For the October/November 2000 issue, the Bush and Gore Presidential Campaigns held a cyber debate on disability issues. Former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh endorsed George W. Bush for President, while the presidents of AAPD, AARP, and NOD have all been featured. Don A. Winkler, a top Ford executive, shared his thoughts on dyslexia and learning differences. Teresa Uchytil, Miss Iowa 2000 and the first person with a visible disability to compete in the Miss America competition, shared her thoughts on that experience to EnabledOnline.com readers. Jim Troesh, a television actor with a disability, wrote about Hollywood’s casting of people with disabilities.

EnabledOnline.com’s Founders

Managing Editor Betty Easler is a long time advocate for people with disabilities. She serves on several government advisory boards serving people with disabilities in the Southeast. She’s also a consultant to the private sector on disability related issues. She is the organization’s rudder, keeping the monthly content on-course.

Caroline Mack acts as Advertising Director. She is Miss Black USA 1997 and 1998, and is founder and chairperson of the Legacy of Love Walk-A-Thon. This annual event benefits physically and mentally disabled citizens in South Carolina. As Miss Black USA, one of her national platforms was disability awareness. Caroline has served as an advocate for physically and mentally disabled citizens for the past several years. She works with several organizations as a spokesperson, including the American Cancer Society, and the Lee County (S.C.) Disabilities Foundation.

Jim Beasley serves as the organization’s Marketing Director. Jim has an extensive background as a radio news reporter and news director. He also has experience in high-tech public relations. Jim also possesses technical knowledge of designing and operating a website.

Keith Landry is President of EnabledOnline.com. He has been a television news reporter and anchor since 1990, covering numerous stories about people with disabilities, making some great friends in the process. Keith is interested in the convergence of television and the Internet. EnabledOnline.com provides a hands-on learning experience, while offering useful information that connects people online.

Visit http://www.EnabledOnline.com today. With fun and informative stories, editorials, forums and other resources, EnabledOnline.com is truly creating an online community for enabled persons..

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